Additive Manufacturing (FDM)

FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) is one of approximately seven available process technology types in today’s additive manufacturing world.  C&S Machine has partnered with Stratasys, the world leader in FDM technology.  FDM is a filament based technology where an extrusion head is heated to melt the material, and then the material is hardened immediately upon extrusion from a nozzle.  Layer by layer, one cross section at a time, a part is built.  We have found that FDM is the most applicable durable plastic additive manufacturing process that we can utilize on a daily basis, thereby adding even more value to our internal manufacturing process.  

FDM Technology

  • Ideal solution for plastic components that require strong, durable, and heat resistant properties
  • Available materials include ABS, polycarbonate, ABS/PC blend, ASA, and nylon 12
  • Single piece part size limits up to 14" x 12" x 12"

For more information regarding FDM technology, please visit the Stratasys website at