C&S Machine News

As an industry leader, we’ve been covered by publications and broadcasts both local and across the nation. From our capabilities to our people, we’re not just making headlines but meeting their pronounced expectations. Here, we’re highlighting what makes us a strong community partner and industry champion.



From the machine floor to our leadership and people, see and hear firsthand what sets C&S Machine apart in the industry and as one of the area’s most sought after employers.

Economic Outlook

C&S Machine leaders had the opportunity to sit down with WNIT Economic Outlook’s Jeff Rae and George Lepeniotis to discuss how C&S Machine is differentiating themselves from the competition for both product and talent.

Where We Started. Where We're Going.

Industry 4.0, Innovation at the Heart of U.S. Manufacturing, dives deep into the business philosophy at C&S Machine. For us, it’s not about making progress faster than anyone else, it’s about doing it right. Putting in the research, perfecting the process, and only then speeding the growth. This tried-and-true path ensures we do right by our customers and our employees.


Leading Precision Components Manufacturer Expands in Southwest Michigan
Governor Gretchen Whitmer joined the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) to announce that precision components manufacturer C&S Machine Products is expanding its operations in Bertrand Township in Berrien County with support from the Michigan Strategic Fund.

Roundness Measurement System Enhances Capabilities
The company says it owes its success to teamwork. Everyone–from the engineers who craft designs, to the machine operators who grind the parts, to the president who consults with all of them-collaborates on finding ways to make quality parts the best way possible.

Making Strides To Maximize Worker Efficiency
This 40-year-old shop combines original best practices with new technologies and manufacturing approaches to make the most of its home-grown skilled labor.

Feb 2020 South Bend Regional Chamber Magazine
Continuous improvement at C&S means the utilization of automation and big data, integrating innovation and continuous improvement into all aspects of the operation.

March 2020 Horizons Magazine/Leader Publications
At C&S, using delicate equipment to make even more delicate parts requires lots of hard skill, so the company has continued its long-time, multi-year apprenticeship program, prepping the workers of tomorrow today for well-paying jobs.

Excelling in micron-size manufacturing
High-precision Studer CNC grinders from United Grinding expedite production, reinforce quality at C&S Machine Products.


  • Parker Hannifin: Aerospace: Supplier Performance Award 2017
  • Parker Hannifin: Aerospace: Supplier Performance Award 2018
  • Parker Hannifin: Hydraulic Systems: 2011 Supplier Performance Award
  • Parker Hannifin: Hydraulic Systems Division: 2012 New Programs Performance Award
  • Parker Aerospace: Hydraulic Systems Division: 2016 Excellence in Supplier Performance Award
  • Parker Aerospace: 2016 Aerospace Group Supplier Performance Award
  • Parker Aerospace: 2018 Aerospace Group Supplier Performance Award
  • Industry 4.0 Consortium, IDEA WEEK 2019: Innovation in Robotics Award