Our Beginnings

Harley Cole and Joseph Saratore founded C&S Machine Products, Inc. in 1966. Nine months later, 26-year-old Joe became the sole owner of the fledgling company. And he didn’t waste any time.

By combining his entrepreneurial spirit with a natural talent for mechanics and a strong work ethic, he began making prototypes for two renowned area manufacturers: The Bendix Corporation and the Studebaker Corporation. And that was just the beginning.

In 2010, after 18 years of experience working full-time with his father, Dominick Saratore became President of C&S Machine. In the spring of 2020, Dominick followed in his father’s footsteps and he stepped into the role of CEO and Visionary. This transition paved the way to welcome C&S President and Integrator, Shaun Phy, to the C&S family.

A Bright Space for a Bright Future

Today, when you walk into C&S Machine’s new 120,000 square-foot facility, the first thing you might notice are the floor-to-ceiling windows. They cast a bright hue over everything, even on a cloudy day in Southwest Michigan. That brightness carries through to the uncluttered shop floor, where organized rows of machines painstakingly craft ultra-precision components for everything from the aerospace industry to the medical industry. At the helm of those machines are expertly trained professionals carrying out the mission of this family-run company. That mission: to inspire people, build great teams, and deliver extraordinary results.

The Power of Saying “Yes” and Meaning It

Since its inception in 1966, C&S Machine has transformed into a sought-after contract manufacturer with a global customer base. We’ve done all of this by saying “yes” and meaning it. “Yes” to putting the people and processes in place so that we can produce some of the most complex components in diverse industries around the world. “Yes” to a steadfast commitment to hard work. “Yes” to an investment in advanced technology. And “yes” to growing and maintaining a team inspired by collaboration and continual learning.

Quality: It’s at Our Core

At C&S Machine, we have an established, documented, and implemented Quality Management System (QMS) and strive for process standardization, zero customer disturbances, and waste reduction. All of this translates to a high level of quality deliverables for our customers.

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