CNC Grinding

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Accurate grinding machines

  • Kellenberger CNC universal cylindrical grinders
  • Studer CNC universal cylindrical grinders
  • Micron thru-feed & plunge centerless grinders
  • Voumard high-precision ID grinder

Advantages and Benefits

It’s all about the accuracy 

Operating with the most advanced, accurate grinding machines, our team is not only trained to get the job done right, but we’re equipped with the tools to deliver high-quality results on even the most challenging requirements.

Size and finish tolerances

Utilizing ultra-precision and close tolerance grinding applications, we can go from blank to part in a single manufacturing cell.

Medium to large workpieces

We have the equipment to handle parts of all sizes and specifications, whether in individual or batch production.

Quick changeover

We have the ability to change the centerline of our regulating wheel with a simple program change, allowing for zero changeover from diameter to diameter in many thru-feed applications.

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