Miniature parts. Big tech. Huge results.

Creating detail and accuracy

  • CNC Swiss Machines
  • Micro-Milling
  • EDM Machines with small precision holes

Advantages and Benefits


When it comes to the art of micromachining, it’s all about getting every detail right, every time. That’s why our dedicated team of technicians are thoroughly trained to deliver highly-accurate, top-quality components to our customers.

Leading the industry

We invest in the latest machines and technology — raising industry standards with our cutting-edge micromachining equipment.

Attention to detail

Embrace small part production by complementing CNC Swiss Machines parts with micro-milling to achieve ultra-precision results.

Achieving precision in every angle

C&S Machine wants to deliver reliability and precision at the micro level, so we produce finer surface finishes at every geometric angle on your parts.

Come see for yourself

Visit our facility to see what our teams are working on.

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